We are happy to take care of filing your tax-returns (i.e:  personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT as well as inheritance tax and accession tax returns). Your tax return serves as a basis of assessment for the finance authorities for the assignment of your taxes.

We offer you individual counseling, while figuratively speaking “thinking out of the box” and ensuring that you are able to take advantage of all opportunities to minimize your taxes.

„The ones who are obligated to pay taxes, also have the right to save taxes.“

Helmut Schmidt, former German Bundeskanzler


Your benefits

  • legal certainty by professional and anticipatory counseling
  • timely planning and acquaintance of your tax liabilities and tax refunds
  • security by observing legal liabilities and due dates
  • time saving and conservation of your resources
  • asset planning
  • examination of tax assessments and legal protection
  • quick response-time in case of a demand for action