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TOP-tax accountant 2008-2016

Every year, since 2006, the business magazine FOCUS MONEY conducts a comprehensive, nationwide tax-accountant test in collaboration with business auditors and tax-specialists from the University of Hannover. They examine the fiscal professional knowledge and know-how, the specialization, the structure of the office as well as the sales development and above all the quality of their work.

In 2016, all German tax accountants could once again participate in the empirical evaluation. Apart from answering 30 questions concerning the structure of the office, they had to answer 22 demanding technical questions about tax law details. The results of the test were published in the 17/2016 edition of FOCUS MONEY, on April 20nd, 2016. All together 300 tax accountants were listed in the magazine as especially professional tax-experts.

We are very happy that Weise Steuerberater Partnerschaft made it into the list of TOP tax accountants for the seventh time. After 2008, 2009, 2010/11, 2012, 2013, 2015 you can find us under the best 100 “small offices” in 2016 again.  This award is a great compliment for our work as well as our counseling approach. At the same time this is a great motivator to counsel our clients in a just as qualified, personal and successful manner, in the future.

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