Inheriting & gifting

Weise Steuerberater Partnerschaft helps you create concepts for business succession or devolution of business and private assets.

In our experience it is important, to deal with succession planning early on, to ensure that your business and private assets are in good hands and that your loved ones are taken care of. As certified executor, we offer you reliable and respectful assistance with inheriting and gifting.

Erben & Schenken

We offer you assistance with

  • Counseling on devolution of business- private assets, with regard to the lowest possible tax-impact for the donor as well as the donee/heirs
  • Filing of gift and inheritance tax returns
  • Valuation of properties for purposes of gifting and inheriting
  • Valuation of businesses for purposes of gifting and inheriting
  • Executorship (Hyperlink zum CV von Jens Busch) for execution of a will and for administration of an inheritance